School Banners

Whether you’re announcing an upcoming school event, welcoming students after a holiday break, or want to inform parents about an approaching enrollment deadline, a school banner is a great way to do so. These vinyl display pieces can be customized with pertinent information and the most important details that can help you reach the community and inform parents. School banners are a great choice to utilize for book fairs, school ceremonies, sporting events, open houses, and back-to-school events, and can be easily mounted in any indoor or outdoor location. If your goal is to promote a book fair event, while motivating students towards participation and fueling their excitement for reading, then a bold, colorful vinyl banner can be created that includes a slogan, intriguing graphic, and bold reminder about the event to come. In another scenario, a bold, vibrantly-colored vinyl display can be created with a warm message that welcomes new students to a pre-K center or kindergarten class, giving them the comfort and encouragement that is so important during their first days of class. Each of these banners, and the many others like it, can be hung in a hallway, suspended at the front of a school, or hung outside in the front lawn area in order to greet its target audience.