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Pole Banners 5x7

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    Pole banners 5x7 are perfect, and most often used, for business advertisements. There are three types of pole banners, depending on their purpose. 
    Indoor Pole Banners are finished with pole pockets on top and bottom, and optional grommets. They are double sided, printed on a high quality 13 oz curl-proof vinyl. They’re most often seen in malls, restaurants and coffee houses, small or large businesses, and hotels. 

    Outdoor Pole Banners are also finished with pole pockets on top and bottom, as well as optional grommets and wind slits. They are double sided, printed on an extra durable 18 oz premium vinyl. These banners are typically mounted on light-poles, or could even act as parade banners. 

    One Sided Pole Banners are printed on one side only, on a 13 oz vinyl material. These are available in almost all of our regular vinyl banner sizes and also come with pole pockets on top and bottom, as well as optional grommets and wind slits. This option allows you to mount the banner is multiple ways, depending on your need, and it is also perfect for use in a parade, since the people will march behind it, and only one side will show.

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    Pole Banners

    Getting the word out about your business or event is extremely important. Not only do you want to promote the service, product, or gathering in order to have a successful turnout, but you also want to make sure that you show your audience how serious you are about taking them on as a customer or client.

    This is why advertising attempts should not be taken lightly. If you’re looking for a unique and snappy way to get your information out there, a pole banner is a perfect choice. Pole banners are banners assembled with pole pockets on both the top and bottom, and can be seen connected to poles in a number of indoor or outdoor settings.

    These banners are a great option for lining a street, road, or hallway, creating a crisp and clean look that will compliment your marketing attempts well. When contemplating whether or not to utilize pole banners over traditional banners, there are many factors that can be worthwhile to consider. Pole banners are a great option to order in bulk and use for purposes of creating a runway of valuable information down any street, corridor, or walkway. Optimizing the uses of pole banners maximizes visibility and leaves you with a unique touch for your audience to enjoy.

    These banners are also completely customizable. Designing one of these displays can begin with a pre-existing template brainstormed by our team, or an even more personalized logo or graphic that can be easily uploaded. In addition to creating the look, you have the option to customize the size, to decide on the placement of wind slits and grommets, and to choose either 13 ounce vinyl or 18 ounce vinyl for printing. Personalizing each of these options leaves you with a final product that is perfect for your advertising or marketing needs and that can be just what you’re looking for in regards to your indoor or outdoor space.