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Mesh Banner

    Mesh Banners are mainly used outdoors due to ability to allow sound and wind passing through material.It is made of mesh banner material that is lightweight and therefor good alternative to vinyl banners at windy conditions.

    Can be used at windows as well because it permits daylight going through and allows visibility.

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    Durable and weatherproof

    Thick durable vinyl that protects your banners from rain, and sunlight.

    Durable and weatherproof

    Mesh Vinyl Banners

    Mesh Banner Uses and Placement

    Mesh vinyl banners have a lot of small openings which allow the wind to flow through the banner freely, therefore making it perfect for outdoor use. By having those tiny holes, the life of your banner will be extended as it won’t act like a flag. Do not worry about the micro holes in the banner affecting the design of your banner. The holes are so small that they won’t be noticeable from a distance, having your design look just as good as if your banner was a regular vinyl banner. Mesh Banners are mainly used outdoors due to ability to allow sound and wind passing through material. It is made of mesh banner material that is lightweight and therefor good alternative to vinyl banners at windy conditions.Mesh banners can be used at windows as well because it permits daylight going through and allows visibility. These Perforated signs are a clever way of “dressing up” your business’s storefront. They will certainly attract attention and stand out, without blocking the sunlight coming through your windows. The reason why perforated window signs won’t block the sunlight lays in the material they are made of. The material is vinyl mesh, which allows the sunlight to come through, but it is also very light. You might think that the mesh material will make the design of the banner look faded, but we can assure you that we use top quality ink which will show clearly and vibrantly. Regardless of how many colors your design consists off, it will look great, and they won’t change the price! The signs are made in a way that gives one vision from inside to outside, and limits the distractions from the sign itself. The installation and care are very simple, but should be proper, and the care should be consistent. Before placing the sign on the window, make sure that the window is clean and dry. When cleaning the sign, only use a damp cloth and soap If you want to completely remove your sign and store it, gently peel it off and, if possible, roll it; and, of course, avoid putting any pressure on the perforated sign while stored, to prevent creasing. The best thing about perforated signs is not only that they are aesthetically pleasing, but also very affordable, and innovative!

    Mesh Banners Material

    Mesh vinyl banners are made of PVC plastic with 50% of the banner surface being small holes. Those holes in the material allow the air and the wind to flow through the banner, without causing excessive damage, therefore, these banners are typically only used outdoors. Their lifespan is supposed to be a lot longer than of fabric banners, but they are not quite as strong as regular vinyl banners. Also, being that the surface of the banner consists of microscopic holes, making the banner semi-transparent, the color vibrancy of the design is not going to be too strong. Another thing to consider, is that mesh doesn’t perform too well in the cold. Extreme cold will make the material brittle.

    Drone Advertising with Mesh Banners

    The new drone powered advertising service was recently introduced by Weatherproof®. Weatherproof®, as you may already know, is a division of David Peyser Sportswear, and a leading sports apparel manufacturer. This particular drone-advertising service is known as BanAir™. BanAir™ is a subsidiary of FlyByHIRE™ and, FlyByHIRE™ is one of the first aerial photography companies in the world. Banners that we use for drone advertising are vertical mesh banners. They are high quality, outdoor vinyl mesh banners, weather and wind resistant. So far, vinyl mesh banners have been commonly used outdoors for easy advertising. Because of the skeleton of the material, mesh vinyl is very grateful for use in windy areas. Vinyl mesh banners are commonly installed against fences, or anywhere else freely in the air, where air and wind will flow through. Since banners attached to drones will be flown around, it is necessary and preferable that the banner can handle air and wind, and not get damaged too quickly and too easily from it.

    Custom Mesh Banners for Your Business

    You can upload your own graphics or photos and bring your design to perfection using the help of our professional designers with no extra charge. From the moment the order is placed you may receive your vinyl banner as early as next day. Using outdoor mesh banners is also a good alternative to other custom banners if you are going to be using your advertising piece outdoors. This is because they can withstand strong winds outside without fraying, ripping or blowing away! We offer affordable mesh banner and fence wrap printing that work in a variety of environments. What makes our outdoor mesh banners useful to a business' marketing plan is that the light yet durable material can withstand many weather conditions. The material is durable and strong, made to last through all types of weather.

    Mesh Banner Durability and Life

    The thickness of the material is equivalent to about a few sheets of paper. Although the material itself might look very “delicate”, it is quite simple to apply, and it will last you a long time. With proper care and installment, an average lifespan of a perforated sign is over 3 years. The signs can be made in any size to fit any window, which means that you will be able to get your message across even with a limited space available, and even if you wish to place the sign on your car window. You can use the signs outdoors, as well, because they are designed to be weather proof. Also, you don’t have to stress if your perforated sign is dispositioned, as it can be easily taken off and placed on again, and that is due to the light adhesive on the back of the sign. Although the quality of our banners is always top-notch, keep in mind that due to the nature of the transparency of mesh banners, the colors of your design will appear slightly lighter than if your design was printed on a regular vinyl banner.