Retractable Banner Stand 47" x 85" 25 Retractable Banner Stand 47" x 85"
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Retractable Banner Stand 47" x 85"

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    Retractable Banner Stands 47" x 85" are used for mobile advertising spots. They are very popular because they are easy to set up and convenient for transportation at the same time protecting your ​banner from damage. Comes in different sizes depending on your needs and usually are being placed at ​trade shows, stores etc.
    Retractable Banner Stands ​Displays are made from anodized aluminum , lightweight and easy to install at any location.

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    Durable and weatherproof

    Thick durable vinyl that protects your banners from rain, and sunlight.

    Durable and weatherproof

    Retractable Banner Stand 47” x 85”

    How to mount your stately banner is a big decision to make. Whether searching for a way to get the word out about an upcoming promotion or wanting to liven up a festivity with a decorative factor that captures the attention of all, making the decision of how to set up your display is one to consider carefully.

    While there are numerous options out there that are all great to utilize, one that brings a little something extra to your efforts is a 47” x 85” retractable banner stand. This banner stand is the tallest in our collection of retractable stand accessories, making it a mounting option that is sure to leave an impressive impact on your audience. These banner stands, though large and profound when set up, can be condensed to a small, manageable size when not in use. This factor makes them perfect for transporting to various locations, for either indoor or outdoor use. The anodized aluminum material that makes up the stand and the durable vinyl material that make up the banner itself leave you with a display that is easy to clean and able to withstand a variety of temperatures and weather conditions.

    The 47” x 85” retractable banner stand is a favorite among shop owners, restaurant and cafe owners, and recreational center managers because of its size and portability. This banner stand can be easily transferred from any outdoor display spot and placed in an enclosed, protected area after closing time. In addition to this target group, 47” x 85” retractable banner stands are preferred for individuals who take their business on the go. Whether promoting a university at a college fair, setting up an informative banner outside of a product booth, or utilizing this display accessory at an open-air festival, these banner stands can act as a great resource for getting your information out there.