Retractable Banner Stand 59" x 85" 26 Retractable Banner Stand 59" x 85"
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Retractable Banner Stand 59" x 85"

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    Retractable Banner Stands 59" x 85" are used for mobile advertising spots. They are very popular because they are easy to set up and convenient for transportation at the same time protecting your ​banner from damage. Comes in different sizes depending on your needs and usually are being placed at ​trade shows, stores etc.
    Retractable Banner Stands ​Displays are made from anodized aluminum , lightweight and easy to install at any location.

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    Durable and weatherproof

    Thick durable vinyl that protects your banners from rain, and sunlight.

    Durable and weatherproof

    Retractable Banner Stand 59” x 85”

    The only thing that’s better than using a banner for your advertising needs is making sure it’s placement is so perfect that it can’t be missed. Though traditional hanging methods are incredibly useful, a 59” x 85” retractable banner stand is a mounting accessory that can be utilized to set up your display at eye-level, making its impact even more powerful.

    The 59” x 85” retractable banner stand is one of the two tallest retractable banner stands that we have available. Because of its impressive, yet functional height, you’ll find that this stand is perfect in a variety of settings. What’s more, after using this stand to capture the attention of your target audience, the display can be taken down and placed in storage, requiring limited amounts of space.

    In addition to this convenience, a retractable banner stand also proves beneficial when considering movability. This is a great feature for business owners or managers whose advertising enterprises require them to fulfill numerous engagements in different locations and settings. Along with the small size that can be achieved when transporting, these 59” x 85” retractable banner stands are also lightweight thanks to the anodized aluminum material that is used during the creation process. These displays can be a great addition to any indoor or outdoor location. The durable vinyl material is able to withstand diverse weather conditions and environments, while acting as a great base for a creative logo, promotional graphic, or a vibrant image.

    Because of our interactive design process, you’ll be able to create the sensational display you’ve been envisioning. Whether you’re trying to reach out to your customers at your cafe or restaurant, catch the eye of the clients at your firm, or want to provide some useful information for patients coming into your health office, this mounting accessory is a wise investment and addition to your collection of displays.