Premium 18oz Matte Banners 74 Premium 18oz Matte Banners
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Premium 18oz Matte Banners 6x4

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    Sometimes “standard” just isn’t enough. Which is why we offer Premium 18 oz Matte Banners 6x4! They’re printed on a heavy duty, super durable 18 oz vinyl, with a matte finish. 
    Premium 18 oz Matte Banners are designed with extra strength to be able to withstand harsher environments. This is the same material that is being used for Outdoor Pole Banners. 
    Like any of our banners, premium 18 oz matte banners can be customized or designed from scratch – your choice! 

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    Durable and weatherproof

    Thick durable vinyl that protects your banners from rain, and sunlight.

    Durable and weatherproof

    Premium 18oz Matte Banners

    In addition to being a great means to capture attention and draw in an audience, banners are also a wise marketing and advertising tool because of their versatility. While standard banners are the most widely used and perhaps the most well-known, there are a number of other banner types that can be used as an effective tool to get the word out about your cause or campaign. While each banner type can allow for lots of creativity, there are some scenarios that can be made perfect with a particular banner choice.

    One of the most heavy-duty, impressive banners that we have to offer is the premium 18 ounce matte banner. The durable vinyl material that is used for this banner option allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to placing and mounting your display. Whether you’re searching for a banner that can be a welcome addition to your storefront, or are looking for an option that can cover the side of a building, the 18 ounce vinyl material that is included with the premium matte banners can act as an effective weather resistant option that gives you a long-lasting display ready to get the job done and reel in new customers and clients.

    In addition to the benefits that come with the heavier vinyl material, there are benefits that spark from the unique matte finish that characterizes the premium 18 ounce matte banners. The matte finish is an element included during the creation process that results in a display with limited shine. This can be particularly useful to control the glares brought on by high lighting, sunshine, or even camera flashes.

    In any case, the unique combination of matte finish and extra durable banner material leave you with a final product that is perfect for any outdoor or indoor placement that require a reliable, long-lasting display. The premium 18 ounce matte banners are a striking choice that can leave an impact while getting your information out there.