X Banner Stand 24" x 63" 14 Allstatebanners.com X Banner Stand 24" x 63"
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X Banner Stand 24" x 63"

This 24 x 63 X-Banner Stand is a portable and effective way of displaying our banners. This banner stand is constructed out of high quality fiberglass and aluminum, which ensures durability and longevity making these the perfect solution for your all your banner needs!

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Durable and weatherproof

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Durable and weatherproof

X Banner Stand 24” x 63”

Mounting a banner is a decision that should be considered very carefully. There are numerous accessories and stands that are available and can be used to maximize the reach of your display, leaving an impact on your audience, and helping you along in your goal. A 24” x 63” X Banner Stand is one of these accessories that is well worth the consideration. This banner stand is a lightweight option constructed from high-quality fiberglass and aluminum. These top-notch materials leave you with an arrangement that is durable and long-lasting, capable of being placed in any indoor or outdoor location. The stand gets its name from the shape of the frame, which makes an “X” when fully set up.

The X-shaped frame of the 24” x 63” X Banner Stand gives your display a unique rigidness that can be difficult to obtain with traditional banner mounting accessories. The frame attaches to each of the four corners of your banner, allowing you to keep your vinyl display tightly drawn. Along with the impressive appeal of the frame is a sound, supportive tripod-like base that gives it strength and support as it does its job reeling in your customers and getting your message out there.

The 24” x 63” X Banner Stand can be an incredibly effective tool to utilize when displaying any number of customizable banners. Your personalized vinyl displays can be made completely unique for a plethora of purposes. Whether you are looking for a way to get the word out about your approaching sales season, a special announcement at your shop or office, or want to add a decorative display to your celebration, the banners that fit these stands can be created with the use of a template, with the help of our team, or with an uploaded pre-designed graphic.