Fixed Stand 39" x 85" 65 Fixed Stand 39" x 85"
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Fixed Stand 39" x 85"

Simple, yet effective! Our Fixed Banner Stands provide you with a quick and light weight solution for trade shows and retail banner displays. Their large area naturally increases the visibility of your exhibit, which is an important aspect to any trade show display. The best feature of these banners is that they can be setup in less than a minute, and they come packed in a soft padded carrying bag. Get noticed with our spectacular banner stands and keep it safe for future use!

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Fixed Stand 39” x 85”

Making the decision to utilize a banner is one that many individuals make with ease. The use of vibrant, digitally designed pieces to achieve your marketing goals is a thoughtful step you can take that can help you move forward in your cause while getting in touch with potential customers. Believe it or not, a decision that is worthy of just as much thought is the way in which you will display these dynamic banners. While ropes and cords might be accessories that are easier to get your hands on, a banner stand is a tool that can add a much needed touch of respectability and polish to your presentation.

A stand that is a favorite among many is the 39” x 85” fixed stand. Among our collection of available banner stands, this one is among those that top the list in terms of largest height. The dimensions of the 39” x 85” fixed stand are ideal for arrangements that will be placed in restaurants, retail stores, athletic complexes, and exhibitions. The large size assists in expanding the reaches of your demonstration, thus multiplying the effects of your product, promotion, or campaign on your collective audience. With a banner, sometimes it can be a challenge to find sufficient wall space or appropriate positioning with the use of standard accessories. A fixed banner stand eliminates that difficulty while complementing your display and providing an effective solution that leaves an impact.

The 39” x 85” fixed stand shines with its characteristics of easy assembly, quick setup, and ease of mobility. This stand is one that can be put together and taken apart in less than a minute, and can be transported with the use of a padded carrying bag. With the combination of each of these aspects, you are left with a display that provides you with unique flexibility, storage options, and a professional arrangement.